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Orange Essential Oil

Orange Essential Oil

100% Pure Orange Essential Oil. 10ml Bottle.


If you love waking up to a glass of orange juice in the morning, you’ll also love VINEVIDA’s Sweet Orange Essential Oil. Its cheerful, uplifting aroma can help combat feelings of depression and anxiety, while brightening up any room. Sweet Orange Oil is extracted through the method of cold-pressing and is a favorite of perfume and soap makers and aromatherapists. Discover for yourself what this fragrant fruit has to offer.


The sweet orange, or Citrus Sinensis group, includes sweet, blood, naval, and common oranges. These orange trees are essential in agriculture, with each part of the tree being put into use. The aromatic rind is where sweet orange oil is extracted from, through the method of cold-pressing. Orange blossoms are ingredients in orange water, tea, and perfume. They also contribute to the production of orange blossom honey. Orange tree leaves also go into certain teas, and the wood provides products such as grilling blocks and manicure tools, among other items.

There are numerous sweet orange essential oil uses, spreading out across many different industries. While very popular in aromatherapy, you will also see orange oil in furniture polish and household cleaners, as well as in commercial flavorings and fragrances. 




Perfumes are categorically classified by a system put into place by famous perfumer George William Septimus Piesse. He devised a way to compare fragrance aromas to musical notes, placing them into three categories: top, middle (or heart), and base. His book, The Art of Perfumery—published in the 1850s—is still commonly used today. 

Sweet orange oil falls under the classification of a “top note.” Top notes are the first scent you notice when smelling a fragrance, and they are also the first to dissipate. This doesn’t lessen their importance though, as it is the job of a top note to bring attention to a fragrance. Sweet orange is prevalent in many designer perfumes due to its sweet, uplifting aroma.


Skincare Products & Soap Making


These two are the significant ones among tons of Sweet Orange Essential Oil uses. Due to their many uses, sweet oranges are one of the most widely cultivated crops in the world. Because of this, their chemical composition has been the subject of many studies. In addition to showing effectiveness as an antibacterial agent, Sweet Orange Oil also shows promising indications of being able to treat acne. This oil is full of antioxidants, and you can find it in many common skincare products such as lotions, creams, and soaps. 




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